Why choose SymBios Broadband Service?

SymBios Broadband Services provides blazing-fast, secure Internet access and can be delivered to both homes and to businesses.

Based on user location, the best mode of connectivity is ascertained during a feasibility study, and, connectivity is delivered on any one of the following mode:

  1. Ethernet (STP cable)
  2. RF (Radio Frequency) – Fixed Wireless CPE
  3. Optical Fiber Cable (OFC)
  4. ADSL2+ (Copper/OFC mesh)

Data rates can vary from 512 Kbps to 4 Mbps depending on the type and cost of the service.

Single Click

SymBios Broadband Service ensures fast connectivity. The internet is ON, 24 X 7! Large data applications, faster ftp access, audio/video requirements or simply web browsing is a dream on this extensive broadband infrastructure.
An "always on" assurance of excellent quality of service.
Dedicated Bandwidth
SymBios Broadband Services offers a dedicated bandwidth with speed of upto 4 Mbps, available at a single click and supported by a superior technology infrastructure.
You can attach, download, upload and exchange large data files at amazingly unbelievable speeds.
Robust Installation
Underground Fiber Optic cables guarantee a protected and wholly dependable connection. Wireless Base Stations are coupled with this OFC Backbone to ensure reduced latency on wireless network.
Affordable Tariff Plans
All these features at absolutely affordable. Costs a fraction of a dial-up connection. SymBios Broadband Services offers you a wide range of tariff plan packages that suit your needs; with the flexibility to scale up your connections as your needs and your business grow. .
24 X 7 Customer Care
A SymBios Broadband Services customer support executive is just an email or a phone call away. Round-the-clock, 365 days a year! To ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided, we have designed a feedback mechanism whereby any inputs given by you are acted upon at the earliest.


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